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The Mailman
Well I went, went out for a walk
And on this walk, I saw the mailman
Whoaaaaa, now the mailman
He, well he was delivering the mail
Went up to him, said "door to my apartment"
Mailman hasn't been able to get in there, and I haven't been able to get my mail
Mailman said, "well, when I get to your place, which happens to be down the block--I don't have to walk far--I'll give you your mail.
But you'll have to go to the post office to get the rest of this cleared up

Whoaaaaa the mailman said these things to me
But I was in a hurry
I had to work, you see
At that point, I weighed my options
I said to myself "well, I could wait for the mailman, or I could go to work, be on time, et cetera"
I have a history of being at work ten or so minutes late, or early
So I figured well, I'll wait for the mailman
Mailman said "all right, well, give me a minute and I'll deliver the mail"
So as I was waiting for this mailman to come to my apartment
...took much longer than it should have...
I got to thinking about life
About those thing that one doesn't think of during a busy working day

Oooooh the mailman
So, I thought to myself "what does life mean?
To us as humans, to us as beings on this earth?"
And just as I was coming up to a solution to this age old problem
The mailman rounded the corner, came up and gave me my mail

Ooooooh, mailman
He's in blue
Sometimes delivers my mail
Sometimes gives it to Drew
When Drew comes over
Gives me all my mail
Ten to one says "weather's lookin' bad, and it's gonna start to hail"

Ooooh, the mailman
Oooooh ho the mailman
He's a kooky wacky fellah
But he's our mailman.

Then there was another time
This was actually a different mailman
I was younger then
And I was mowing the neighbor's lawn (IYKWIM)
I did this for a part time job
So, I mowed the fellah's lawn
And afterwards--it was a very hot day--we were sitting out on his porch
Drinking a coke
You know, a glass with three or four ice cubes in it
It was a small porch, actually it was kind of falling apart
They refinished the steps some years later--they were concrete
Then after that, they actually sold the house to the church down the street
I have a problem with that kind of
Because then people stay in it
And they're kind of living there, and they're working for the church, but they don't have to pay property taxes
It's kind of a strange thing
Raises the property taxes of the other people in the neighborhood
I kind of have a problem with that, but anyway
We were sitting out there
The mailman came by, and he was carrying all the letters at that time
You know, for the neighborhood, and well...

Oooooh the mailman
He looked very warm
He was, uh, you know wearing his uniform and everything
...such a hot day, that Tony--the fellah whose lawn I had just mowed (IYKWIM)--offered him a drink of Coke
The mailman was very grateful
Unfortunately, this is no help to me now, I don't get my mail very often
'Cause this was years in the past
Actually, it was a different neighborhood
I've moved since

Ooooh the mailman
Heeeeeee's the mailman
Hell yeah

That wacky mailman
Think I'll invite him in for a beer
Or two...
And maybe some sex
Have you hugged your mailman today?
Think he'll loan me his mace?
I doubt it

(mailman, mailman)

Then there was another time
I was about the same age as when the lawn mowing incident happened
This was a different mailman once again

Oooooooh the mailman
Came to deliver the mail
He was an interesting fellow
At some point, he'd had his larynx removed by surgery
But he was able to talk by some kind of trick with his throat
With the air coming out
It was quite amazing
He sounded a lot like, uh, he was breathing in and then adjusting with his mouth, it was a real interesting effect
But anyway, this guy came to deliver the mail
And the screen door to the house, you know, it wasn't quite shut all the way
So the dog, the older...I guess at the time she was the younger dog, now the older dog
The older dog died, and we got a new younger dog
But the, uh, at the time the younger dog--now the older dog--jumped up at the screen door and I don't know if it was ajar, or the thing, or maybe she just happened to hit the handle
But the door opened, and the dog ran out
Kinda scratched the mailman
And, well you know, I ran out and caught the dog

OOOOOH mailman

So I caught the dog, brought the dog back into the house
And I was apologizing to the mailman
Well, he of course worried
You never know what the dog might have
So he came in and talked to my parents
Everything was fine
But he was always more wary about coming to our house
We always had to make sure to keep the door shut after that

Oooooh mailman
OOOOOOOOH, mailman!!!!!!!

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