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Phineas O'Connor
Phineas O'Connor lived in a small town outside Dublin
Worked hard every day to bring food and wine home to his family
But he's dead
He's really dead
It's too bad
Because he's dead

He worked in the coal mines for 45 years
Then one day 4000 pounds of coal fell on him
And guess what happened

Well he died
Yes, he died
He was crushed under lots of carbon
He was killed
He's really dead, and he's really flat

(aching guitar solo)

His family buried him next to his mother and his father
Who had died in similar circumstances
4000 yards beneath the surface of the earth
Under tons and tons of black coal

And he's dead
He's gonna rot
Yes, he'll decay
And the bugs will pick out his eyes

Poor Mr. Phineas O'Connor
Died at the age of 55
Not a penny to his name

And now he's dead.

Ladies and Gentlmen, Gordon Lightfoot!!
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