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Wife Swapping at the All-Star Game
Play ball!!

All-Star game, Number 54, Comisky Park, Chicago, Illinois, July 6th, 1983.

The American League wins, 13 to 3. The game returned to the park where it had originated 50 years earlier. The American League, after eleven years of All-Star losses, unleashed its pent-up fury to produce the greatest margin of victory in 37 years. The game began, though, as an embarrassement of errors. American League starter Dave Stieb struck out the side in the first, but along the way two errors--one of them Stieb's--plated a run. An unearned run in the bottom of the first tied the score, and another run in the second put the American League ahead for good, making a loser out of unfortunate National League starter, Mario Soto.

They're wife-swapping at the All-Star Game
They're wife-swapping at the All-Star Game

The hitting began in earnest in the last of the third, as the Americans scored seven times for a new one-inning record. Among their six hits--also a record for an All-Star inning--were a homer by Jim Rice, a triple by George Brett, and a bases-loaded blast by Fred Lynn, his fourth All-Star home run, and the first grand slam in All-Star history. With the score now 9 to 1, the National League's single runs in the fourth and fifth were exercises in futility, and the American's two each in the seventh and eighth served chiefly to boost the winning total to 13, another All-Star high.

They're wife-swapping at the All-Star Game
They're wife-swapping at the All-Star Game

Hey, Steve Sax! How would it be if I were to fuck your wife?
Go ahead and fuck my wife
And then you can fuck my wife
I want to fuck your wife
Hey, I got an idea
How about day one of the All-Star break, we fuck Manny Trillo's wife
Mmm hmm
Day two of the All-Star break, we fuck Lance Parrish's wife
And then day three of the All-Star break, we take Dave Dravecky's wife, and we fuck her
How does that sound?
Yeah, fuck my wife
And then maybe, before the game on Tuesday
We could fuck Dan Quisenberry's wife, Cecil Cooper's wife, Dave Winfield's wife, ahhh, how about Dave Steib's wife, Glenn Hubbard's wife, and Tim Rains' wife, in rapid succession one after another
Let's fuck all the wives!!
Okay, you fuck my wife, I'll fuck yours
I wanna fuck your wife
Excellent!! Mario Soto's wife, look out, 'cause here we come!!
Andre Dawson's wife is right over there, what would you say about going over to fuck her?
Let's go fuck her wife
And then Gary Carter's wife, I saw her before, she's looking pretty good. We could fuck Gary Carter's wife, and then Gary Carter could fuck our wives
Go fuck my wife
All right, I'm going to go fuck your wife right now, and you go fuck my wife, and then we'll meet back here in an hour, and we'll see Doug Desinces and Rick Honeycutt, and swap wives and fuck them!!

Play ball!!

They're wife-swapping at the All-Star Game
They're wife-swapping at the All-Star Game
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