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The Ahi Tuna Story, Part Two
Now this Jimmy guy, he was some piece of work
He'd treat me like crap, then call me a jerk
I'd give him my order, which he'd ignore straight away
Then the patrons would yell, and tell me I'm gay

Now the waitstaff, you see, we got the shaft
All the stuff we had to do, it was totally daft
We had to toss the salad, and ladle the soup
Then brew the coffee, reeking of poop

Oh, and the patrons--don't get me started
This one old dude, he constantly farted
There was the crotchety Nazi, and the guy with the growth
We'd put them right together, and they reeked of Vermouth

Now these two old dicks, they were totally racist
Yep, that's the Nazi and the one with the face cyst
They'd talk about how Sweetness was totally no good
Just because he was black, so I peed in their food

What do you want?
What do you wish?
Ahi is a kind
And tuna is a fish
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