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White Elephant









Curved or Yellow
As Santa was sitting in his backyard
Eating bananas and drinking hard
Along came a monkey, who bit him in the ass
And Bananta was born right there on the grass

On Christmas Eve, Bananta gropes
Many different cantalopes
He thumps the melons, and squeeze a grape
Then hop in his Chevy on his big banana cape

Some folks say he's long and curved
Other say he's yellow, like Big Bird
But curved or yellow, the issue is moot
On Christmas Eve Bananta brings everybody fruit

If you're good Bananta brings
Not toys or candy or diamond rings
He brings fresh fruit of every kind
Because that monkey bit his behind

One two three...Bananta!!
Fruit for free...Bananta!!!
A B C ... Bananta!!!
You and me ... Bananta!!!

If you're bad, ugly or mean
Or maybe just a Philistine
Bananta will get you a rotten pomegranate
Because he knows that you ain't worth a dammit
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song length: 00:03:45

song rating: 6.50

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