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VERSE - You should have seen Deborah back in ‘75
Those were the days when she was really alive
No polyester suit could keep that woman down
She was famous, like Amos, all over the town

CHORUS - But then Doug Henning came to do a show
He and his lovely wife Wendy came to the Rialto
Doug’s powerful magic had cast its spell
Deborah was hooked, for Henning she fell

VERSE- So Deborah fashioned a plan to take Wendy out
She headed backstage untroubled by doubt
When Doug and Wendy saw, they thought her a fan
But she soon dismayed them with a wave of her hand

BRIDGE - “Abracadeborah,” she cried, and the lights all went dim
And when the smoke finally cleared, there was still her, Wendy, and him

CHORUS – “So much for your magic,” Wendy replied
And the Hennings walked off, heading back to their ride
Deborah never recovered, she was never the same
That Henning eventually married a Debby, she found doubly lame

VERSE - So Deborah sits by herself, not talking too much
Full of longing for Henning, her one true love
If I could do magic, I’d go back in time
And make sure she never set eyes on that Doug Henning slime

Goodbye Deborah – Black Power.
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song length: 00:02:45

song rating: 7.00

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