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We Are Going to Fuck Some Shit Up
We are going to fuck some shit up

We're going to...

Fuck it in the ass
Take it to the bridge
Tear the roof off
Wrap it in bacon
Immanentize the eschaton
Sacrifice our only son
Bring it on down
Get this party started
Bust a nut
Make love to you, woman
Stroke it
Bring it on
Rip you a new one
Take it to the limit
Call a spade a spade
Hit it and quit it
Wait until your father gets home
Tear a piece off
Underestimate the competition
Overestimate our stock value
Dip our balls in it
Get hella awesome and fuck sake
Turn this mutha out
Drop a funk bomb on it
Take it to the river
Leave you hangin'
Go for long walks on the beach
Shizzle your nizzle
Simonize your xar
Martinize your shorts
Dry clean your permanent press

Seriously, we are going to fuck some shit up.
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song length: 00:01:40

song rating: 3.43

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