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Donut Ranch

Our friend in Saratoga
Where trout leap in the street
Says The Donut Ranch
Is simply THE place to eat.

They raise and butcher donuts just like MEAT!

Rope 'em, ride 'em
Dunk 'em, bite 'em
Herd those crazy donuts 'til it's time to eat
At the donut ranch down on East Bridge Street

The head donut wrangler
May be grizzled and old,
But he can still raise donuts,
Keeps them well in the fold.

The thought of free-range donuts, well it leaves me just COLD!

Now you might think that donuts
Would be easy to raise -
Just put 'em out to pasture, guy,
And let them all graze!

But they can wander off; they'll disappear, man, for DAYS!

So off goes the donut wrangler
Only Leon can find them.
The donuts know McFadden,
Can be trusted to mind him.

Actually, our man Leon was the one who designed 'em.

He brings us back those donuts
Brings 'em kickin' and screamin'
To the donut slaughterhouse
Fresh-killed donut's good eatin'!

They're just the thing to serve at your next conference or meetin'!

So when you're there in Togie,
On your way to the office,
Spare time for Donut Ranchin',
Have some donuts and coffee!

You know, there aren't a lot of words that rhyme well with 'coffee.'
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