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Twice as Long for the Western Cowboy
Twice as long for the Western Cowboy
That chicken over there ain't no boy toy
You'll pay twice as much for half as long
So please pack up that Graffix bong

4 Russell chunks, 4 Russell Chunks, 3 Russell Chunks, BHTCH!
That cowboy there's got a real nasty twitch,
2 Russell chunks, 2 Russell chunks, 1 Russell chunks, BHTCH!
He's twice as long and half as rich.

One for the money and two for da Blowman
Just last year I fucked Frosty The Snowman
His lily-white ass melted on my face
With the puddles of frosty all stingin' like mace

But never mind that let's go back out west;
And put this horse's ass to the test
This song has completely regressed
So let's make sure we've all brushed with Crest

So THIS is really why they're all twice as long
It's something genetic; "it's in the dong"
So grab yer balls 'n' stretch 'em wide
"3 Russell chunks -- BHTCH!" the Western Cowboy sighed
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